Principle of operation

The multi-wavelength Separation Analyser LUMiReader® PSA, enables you to accurately measure the instability and real-time separation kinetics of your emulsion/suspension directly for a wide range of viscosities and concentrations. An external thermostat allows for high precision thermoregulation from 4-80 °C.

Key words for the measurement options include particle size distribution, density, separation processes, long-term instability, dispersibility, accelerated aging & cystallization.

There is no need for you to know any material constants such as viscosity or density. Our proprietary design ensures that the light strikes the sample across its entire height, ensuring maximum optical sensitivity and reproducibility.

The optical detector assembly features micro-scale spatial resolution capable of accurately measuring even the smallest local changes instantaneously across the entire sample height.

This design eliminates the time-consuming and less accurate task of scanning your sample, allowing you to capture even very fast micro-changes occuring in your dispersion without mechanical vibration.

The LUMiReader PSA uses a patented tilt technology based on the Boycott effect. The well-known principle allows accelerated, real-time stability testing at gravity by tilting the sample from its normal upright position. The magnitude of acceleration (up to 10 times) depends on geometric factors, such as tilt angle, vial dimensions, and sample type.

Comes with state-of-the-art software SEPView.

The LUMiReader PSA comes certified, factory precalibrated and is ready-to-go.