At the heart of the LUMiReader PSA Separation Analyser is the cutting-edge STEP-Technology®, which is short for Space- and Time-resolved Extinction Profiles. It is the only technology that allows you to analyze your whole sample instantaneously from top to bottom, so you can understand every aspect of your dispersion, emulsion, and suspension.

With the advantage of looking at the sample from top to bottom instantaneously, you can observe and understand different stability/instability phenomena concurrently; for example, creaming, sedimentation, coalescence, aggregation and flocculation at original product concentration under normal storage conditions.

In addition, you can investigate shelf life, examine coagulation, measure flocculation rate and cake thickness, and the thickness and density of your sediment/cream layer and much more...

STEP-Technology® – giving you the edge in dispersion analysis and formulations.